Thermoelectric Cooler/Heater

Thermoelectric coolers are solid state heat pumps that operate on the Peltier-effect, without any filter mat or cooling liquid. The units work almost maintenance-free and is well suited for rough environmental conditions.

Operating temperature : -20 ..+70°C (PK series)
Service Life : 60.000 h
Approval : UL, CE

The robust stainless steel enclosure with protection up to IP 67 can be installed in any position. This is perfect for mobile applications.

The PK 50 HD is designed for use in hygienic areas. Stainless steel housings, anodized heatsinks with large spacing & removable hood and fan makes cleaning easy.

Operating temperature : -10 ..+60°C
Service Life : 60.000 h
Approval : CE

The PK 150 HK-EX is a thermoelectric cooler for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Operating temperature : -20 ..+70°C
Service Life : 60.000 h
Approval : CE, Ex, II 3 G Ex ec IIB T4 Gc

The thermoelectric cooling units PK 150-PS and PK 300-PS have a wide-range voltage input of 100 to 240V AC. The power supply is integrated in these devises.

Operating temperature : -20 ..+50°C
Service Life : 60.000 h
Approval : CE

Condensation can arise on the cold side of the heat sink in Peltier coolers whenever the temperature inside the enclosure falls below the temperature of the surrounding air. High humidity and leaks in the enclosure can result in higher amount of condensation. A condensation trough is installed underneath the cooler to capture and drain off condensation. The trough can be mounted using the screws of the cooler. Condensation is drained off through the attached hose, which is included. 

PK & PM series 24VDC

*Heating and cooling in one unit [HK] is available as an option. The [+AG] version is without outer cover.

Product CoolingHeating Amperage Width HeightDepth/int. Datasheet
PK 30 [HK]30 Watt[45 Watt]2.3 A112mm160mm130/70mmPK 30 [*]
PK 50 [HK]50 Watt[70 Watt]2.5 A155mm200mm135/65mmPK 50 [*]
PK 75 [HK]75 Watt[100 Watt]3.6 A203mm255mm145/70mmPK 75 [*]
PK 100 [HK]100 Watt[140 Watt]5.2 A200mm307mm135/65mmPK 100 [*]
PK 150 [HK]150 Watt[200 Watt]7.2 A200mm307mm135/65mmPK 150 [*]
PK 300 [HK]280 Watt[400 Watt]15 A333mm330mm195/90mmPK 300 [*]
PM 5050 Watt50 Watt3.7 A120mm293mm82/45mmPM 50
PM 100100 Watt100 Watt6.5 A195mm430mm97/48mmPM 100

PK series Hygienic [HD] & ATEX [EX]

Product CoolingHeating Amperage Width HeightDepth/int. Datasheet
PK 50 HD50 Watt50 Watt2.5 A182mm200mm145/65mmPK 50 HD
PK 150 HK-EX150 Watt150 Watt7.2 A306mm200mm135/60mmPK 150 HK-EX

PK wide range input 100...240VAC

Product CoolingHeating Amperage Width HeightDepth/int. Datasheet
PK 150-PS-C150 Watt150 Watt0.8 A306mm250mm180/90mmPK 150 PS-C
PK 150 PS-C+AG150 Watt150 Watt0.8 A306mm300mm180/15mmPK 150 PS-C+AG
PK 300 PS-C280 Watt280 Watt1.6 A480mm332mm190/80mmPK 300 PS-C
PK 300 PS-C+AG280 Watt280 Watt1.6 A485mm430mm190/10mmPK 300 PS-C+AG

PK & PM series Accessories

Product DescriptionDatasheet
TES 60temperature controllers with bimetallic or capillary sensors 0-60°C TES 60
TRP 205controller for heating 0-20°C & cooling 30-50°CTRP 205
TPC 300controller for heating & cooling-
KRP 150Condensation trough 160mmKRP 150
KRP 200condensation trough 200mmKRP 200
KPR 300condensation through 316mmKPR 300
AVDR4SS4condensate vent drain stainlessAVDR4SS4
AVDR4NMcondensate vent drain plasticAVDR4NM

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